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Miscarriage Care
Mini Confinement (小月子)

It is a topic that most do not wish to discuss - miscarriage. Unfortunately, in Singapore, many women have suffered a miscarriage. In fact, according to SingHealth, an estimated 15-25% of all pregnancies is a miscarriage.


Apart from emotional support, most patients also need good nourishment after a miscarriage. Miscarriage can cause the body to become weaker. That is why appropriate nourishment is important after a miscarriage; it can also increase the chances of a stable pregnancy in the future.

A miscarriage may cause bleeding and dizziness, weakening the body overall. But, by consuming nutritious food during this critical time, your diet can boost your health greatly.


As a leading confinement food catering business in Singapore, we craft nutrient-rich packages for the body to receive sufficient nourishment and regain strength after a miscarriage. At Yue Zi Le, we journey with you during this trying time, catering to your needs and offering our meal delivery services with utmost respect.

Recovering from miscarriage?

Please do read these articles to learn more about self care during this trying period.

There is always a rainbow at the end of a storm.

How We Can Help?

Miscarriage Confinement Food Delivery Singapore

Specially Crafted First Week Menu 

(No Chicken & Egg)

Following strict Chinese confinement rules, chicken and egg are excluded from the first week meal plan to improve recovery.

No Lactation Menu Designed With Recovery In Mind

Special considerations have been factored in to ensure that recovery is the utmost priority.

Iron & Calcium Packed Ingredients For The Meals

Ingredients that are packed with iron and calcium are used in the preparation of every meal. The focus on quality ingredients will ensure you get the most from our meals.

Start The First Meal Within The Next 48 Hours

We understand that things do not always happen as planned. We will do our best to ensure you get the best meal available and on time.

Upon hearing your conditions and requests, meal recommendations will be provided. 2 Sheng Hua Soups will be served by default. Please let us know if you do not wish to have it. Additionally, if you sign up for this package, you can be assured that we will do the following.

No Lactation ingredients

We will remove the lactation ingredients for your meals. Rest assured that all the ingredients in our food are rich in iron and calcium.



We treasure your privacy as much as you do.

*Let us know in advance if you wish your meals to be delivered privately in unmarked bags.

We will do our best to assist.


after package Add-on

Nourishment does not come to an end with the last meal on our package. We have partnered with TCM professionals and curated add-on packs that will enhance your overall well-being, preparing you for future pregnancy and smooth delivery.


our packages


Click on the button below to learn more about the our 7 Days Womb Strengthening Pack

​小月子 MENU

Miscarriage Confinement Food Menu Singapore

Our 小月子Menu

  • Designed For Speedy Recovery

  • No Chicken First Week Menu

  • Every Meal Served With Soup And Drinks

  • No Added Salt & MSG Used

  • ​Slow Cooked Herbal Soup

  • Nutritiously Balanced Confinement Meal

  • No Lactation Ingredients

Click Below To View The Full Menu:

Miscarriage Confinement Catering Singapore

If you are ready to make a booking, click on the button below to reserve a package. Please include your conditions and requests.

Commonly Asked Questions 
About 小月子 Meals


When is 小月子 miscarriage menu suitable for?

The 小月子 Package is suitable for miscarriage / missed miscarriage. TCM based recipes is used to improve the overall recovery.


What is the different between 小月子 menu and normal postnatal confinement menu?

The 小月子 Menu is specially designed with the intend of after miscarriage care. No lactation ingredients is used and furthermore no chicken and egg is used in the first week menu to further enhance recovery of any wound. No seafood (Except fish) is used in the making of the dishes.


How fast can I start the 小月子 meals if I order now?

Order now and we will do our best to start you meals in the next 48 hours from receiving of reservation and payment.


What is privacy delivery?

We treasure your privacy as much as you do. Let us know in advance if you wish your meals to be delivered in unmarked bags. We will do our best to assist.


How long should I order for 小月子 recovery?

We strongly recommend you to reserve 14 days or more for 小月子 recovery.


What is the Womb Strengthening Pack and what is it for?

Womb Strengthening Pack is a cook at home pack for you to continue at you own schedule upon the ending of our meal package. Recovery is an on-going process. With this womb strengthening pack, we hope that your womb will be better nourished and recovery. Preparing you for your next pregnancy.

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