Traditional Confinement Herbal Soup

At Yue Zi Le, we are a strong believer that confinement herbal soup plays a very huge part in the speedy recovery of new mummy. We have paid extra attention when designing the soup we serve our mummies. Our confiment soups is a ket part of every confinement meal. Only the best ingredients are used in the making of the soups.

Our Traditional Confinement Herbal Soup

Traditional Confinement Soup . Variety Of Herbal Soup . Confinement Soup In Our Package

Sha Shen Yu Zhu Soup 
Six Combination Soup 
Gingko Lotus Seed Pig Stomach Soup (白果猪肚汤)
Cordyceps Blossom Soup 
Ginseng Chicken Nourishing Soup (人生鸡汤)

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