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Traditional Confinement Herbal Soup

At Yue Zi Le, we are a strong believer that confinement herbal soup plays a very huge part in the speedy recovery of new mummy. We have paid extra attention when designing the soup we serve our mummies. Our confiment soups is a ket part of every confinement meal. Only the best ingredients are used in the making of the soups.

Mushroom Soup

Our Traditional Confinement Herbal Soup

Traditional Confinement Soup . Variety Of Herbal Soup . Confinement Soup In Our Package

Sha Shen Yu Zhu Soup 

A light yet earthy soup for nourishing and moistening the Lungs as the seasons change, Bei Sha Shen (glehniae root) combines with Yu Zhu (Solomon's seal root) and Bai Mu Er (tremella fungus) to support both Lung and Stomach.

Six Combination Soup 

This Six Combination Soup popularly known as Lok Mei Tong or Luck Bee Tang has six Chinese dried herbs in it. 

Ginseng Chicken Nourishing Soup (人生鸡汤)

Ginseng Chicken Soup Benefits Boost energy. Improve brain function and memory. Strengthen immune system. Replenish Qi and blood deficiency.

Cordyceps Blossom Soup 

Cordyceps flower have the following health benefits: Nourish lungs. Reduce fatigue. Enhance our immune system. Improve sleep. Tonify kidneys and liver. Cough relief (it helps to moisten the throat) Anti-aging.

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