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Post Fibroid/Cyst
Surgery Recovery Care

Are you familiar with fibroids? These small, non-cancerous growths may seem harmless at first glance, but the truth is that they can have a significant impact on women's health.


Cystectomy, or ovarian cyst removal, is a surgical procedure to remove fluid-filled sac from the ovary or ovary surface.


Recovery from fibroids/cysts surgery will definitely take time. Even if you feel like getting right back into our usual, our bodies may tell us otherwise. To make a speedier recovery, it’s important that you follow the post-surgery plans as outlined by your doctor. Rest is another important aspect. Do any physical activity that your doctor or physical therapist recommends to recover faster. Lastly to evenmore assist in recovery, food that we eat during this period also plays a very curcial part. It not only promote healing but also can help fight several post-surgery complications. 

Knowing what to eat after surgery will enhance and improve the recovery process. With Traditional Chinese Medicine in mind, we crafted a recovery meal that will improve your post surgery recovery process. With strict guidlines by our TCM practitioner, we have selected the most suitable ingredients to be part of your recovery journey. Our strict no chicken and egg meal will definitely accelerate your healing. 

To learn more about fibroids surgery and treatment you may read this article.

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How We Can Help?

Healthy Food

Specially Crafted Recovery Menu 

(No Chicken & Egg)

Following strict chinese recovery  rules, chicken and egg is removed from your meal plan to improve recovery.

Menu Designed With Recovery In Mind

Special thoughts have been placed to ensure that recovery is the utmost priority. TCM herbal soup served with every meal. 

No seafood

(except Fish) to prevent any post-surgery complications.

No other seafood ingredients, except fish, are use in preparing your meal. 

No dark soy sauce. Only vegetarian sauce.

Red Dates Tea Included

Red dates tea is a great way to nourish yourself after surgery. No to worry, its included in the package.

our packages


Add on DIY soup packs after your meal package end.

Recovery does not end with us. Continue nourishing yourself with our specially crafted nourishing and lactation DIY soup pack.

Click on the button below to learn more about the our 7 Days Nourishing Pack.

Recovery MENU


Our Recovery Menu

Designed For Speedy Recovery

No Chicken & Egg

No Seafood (Except Fish)

Every Meal Served With Soup And Drinks

No Added Salt & MSG Used

​Slow Cooked Herbal Soup

Nutritious Balanced Meal

Click Below To View The Full Menu:


Ready to make a booking. Click on the button below and reserve. Do let us know of your condtions. Do quote any concerns, other requests and that this meal is for post surgery recovery in the "Other Requests" field. 

Commonly Asked Questions 
About Post Fibroid / Cyst Surgery Recovery Meals


What procedures/operation is post surgery menu suitable for?

The Post Surgery Package is suitable for post Fibroid / Cyst surgery and after treatment procedures. TCM based recipes is used to improve the overall recovery after surgery and operation. 


What is the different between post surgery menu and normal postnatal confinement menu?

The Post Surgery Menu is specially designed with the intend of after surgery/operation care. No lactation ingredients is used and furthermore no chicken and egg is used in the preparation fo the meals. No seafood (Except fish) is used in the making of the dishes.


How fast can I start the post surgery meals if I order now?

Order now and we will do our best to start you meals in the next 48 hours from receiving of reservation and payment.


How long should I order for post surgery recovery?

We strongly recommend you to reserve 14 days or more for post surgery recovery.


What is the nourishing pack? And what is it for?

Nourishing pack is a cook at home pack for you to continue at you own schedule upon the ending of our meal package. Recovery is an on-going process. Good health, good wealth.

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