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Miscarriage Care Signature Menu


No Lactation Ingredients, High In Protein, TCM Based Recipes 

Each meal is specially crafted to ensure that you gets the best ingredient and nutrient from the food they eat during this important period. Careful thoughts and feedback has been gathered from TCM practitioner and nutritionist. The menu is the best for speedy recovery after miscarriage. 


Each individual meal will consist of,


  1. 1 Litre of Red Dates Dang Shen Tea Or Osmanthus Red Dates Tea

  2. 1 Specially Formulated Slow Cooked Traditional Soup

  3. 1 Carb Dish

  4. A choice of Meat Dish*

  5. 1 Vegetable Dish

  6. Dessert Soup (On selected days)


* Choose the preferred dishes from the daily options.



Menu may vary without prior notice due to unforeseen seasonal nature and market fluctuation on the ingredients.

Food Knolling

Mini Confinement Menu

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