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Top 3 Benefits When You Choose Confinement Food Delivery

Giving birth is probably one of the most rewarding experiences for women in their lifetime. Yet, at the same time, childbirth also brings with it a couple of challenges. During this period, you’re likely to experience enormous pain, lose blood, and become incredibly weak. As such, it’s important for you to have plenty of rest and indulge in a healthy diet during your confinement period.

Confinement typically happens right after delivery and lasts for approximately a month. As a new mum, you’ll need to be confined at home to rest and recover from childbirth. And to speed up the process, it’s best to follow a special postnatal diet to condition your body for recovery and boost milk production. One of the most effective ways to do so is to purchase confinement meals that are specially designed to strengthen your body.

If you think meal preparation requires too much energy that your body isn’t ready to exert yet, then choosing a confinement food delivery service is your best option. Opting for confinement meal delivery comes with many advantages – here’s a look at the top benefits to reap.

1. Reduces your stress

Being a new mum will likely be an exhausting experience for you as you juggle taking care of your health and nursing your baby. It’s a known fact that most new parents barely get enough sleep because they’ll be interrupted by their baby’s hourly needs and sleep cycle. This can be quite stressful, especially for mummies who are still recovering from childbirth.

To reduce the amount of postpartum stress that you’re getting, purchasing a confinement meal delivery service is extremely helpful. By doing so, you can take the burden of cooking and meal planning off your shoulders and spend more time getting your much-needed rest while your baby is asleep.

2. Helps you regain your pre-childbirth body

It’s common for women to gain a significant amount of weight during pregnancy. Often, this is because pregnancy induces food cravings, such as chocolates, fruits, and comfort foods like cereal or bread. Many women experience rapid weight gain, particularly during the third trimester when the fetus gains the most weight.

A confinement meal delivery service with well-balanced meals can ensure that your postnatal diet will get you healthy and back in shape within just a few months. Typically, each meal on your package contains nutritious food that’s designed to help your body adapt to the physical demands of early motherhood. Moreover, these meals are also intended to remove toxins from your body.

3. Creates a regular eating schedule

For new mummies to regain the energy needed to take care of their recovering bodies and newborns, eat regularly is necessary. This includes having meals on time and including nutritious foods as part of every meal. For maximum health, new mums are advised to eat a balanced diet – a chock full of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy each day.

Opting for confinement meal delivery is a great choice to ensure that your postnatal diet contains the nutrients that you need, and on a daily basis. A confinement food menu is specially crafted to target your different needs during the month that follows delivery. Your meals in the first week are especially crucial: confinement food services are careful to exclude egg and chicken while including herbal soups for optimal womb healing. The following weeks’ menu would then focus on foods that will rejuvenate your body.


During your confinement period, it’s vital that you follow a healthy postnatal diet to help your body heal more quickly. By opting for confinement meal delivery, you’ll be assured that your meals are healthy and safe for your recovery. Plus, it gives you more time to rest and relax as your body heals.

As a confinement-food-only caterer, our chefs at Yue Zi Le specialise in only the most nutritious confinement meals for new mummies like yourself. Whether you prefer traditional Chinese confinement food or confinement meals with an international flavour, we offer appetising meals that will help you recover from childbirth quickly and healthily.

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