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Confinement Dietary Contraindications

1. Avoid excess intake of salt, oil and MSG

One must take less salt and oil during confinement to avoid burden to the kidneys, prevent constipation and help in body shape recovery. In additional, postpartum woman should avoid consuming too much food that contains MSG as it contain monosodium glutamate as its name suggests. It would enter a new-born's body through consumption of breast milk, causing zinc deficiency.

2. Avoid cold food

A postpartum woman should consume only warm foods and drinks with fruits as an exemption. At the same time, cold foods and drinks, such as ice cream, should be avoided at all cost, because they are bad for digestive system recovery and teeth of postpartum woman.

3. Avoid piping hot food

Foods and drinks shall be consumed warm but not hot. This is because piping hot foods and drinks may bring damages to the teeth of postpartum women and burns to their oral mucosa.

4. Avoid foods and drinkthat are cool in nature

Other than cold foods, foods and drinks that are cool in nature should also be avoided. This is because they do not help in enriching Qi and blood, which will in tuen affect the function of the digestive system, discharge of lochia and removal of extravasated blood. During confinement, a postpartum women shall consume more warm and nourishing foods to help in the recovery of Qi and blood.

5. Avoid excitant foods

Consuming stimulating excitant foods, such as concentrated tea, coffee and alcohol, will affect sleep quality. and gastrointestinal function, and is also not good for infant. Taking spicy and pungent foods will cause body fluid impairment, Qi depletion and loos of blood. This will worsen the condition of Qi and blood, lead to constipation.

6. Avoid astringent foods

Postpartum woman have internal blood assist, thus they should not take sour and astringent foods, such as dark plums, loutus seeds, persimmons, etc. This is to prevent blood blockage and affect the discharge of lochia.

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