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月子樂 Yue Zi Le Confinement Meal

Confinement Food Caterer in Singapore

Trusted by thousands of mummies in Singapore.

Confinement Food Catering Singapore

月子樂 Yue Zi Le caters exclusively confinement meals in Singapore. With our specialization in confinement meal delivery, we are able to better understand the needs of our consumers and specialize in food preparation methods for new mothers. We are the few postnatal confinement caterer that allow mummies to make choices of the meat dish.


Yue Zi Le has the most appetising meals on offer, whether you like western cuisines or traditional Chinese confinement food. Our goal is to provide you with wholesome meals that you will enjoy, including 31 nourishing soups, 20 carbohydrate selections, 59 meat dishes, and 42 vegetable items. Each confinement meal comes with a litre of homemade confinement tea - either Osmanthus Red Dates Tea or Premium Red Dates Dang Shen Tea.


We are here to nourish your postnatal diet and turn your confinement days into a hassle-free experience by providing only the best and most essential ingredients.

Recover With Our 2 Phases Menu

Holding Hands


Uterus Recovery, Lochia Discharge & Healing Of Wound.

The confinement food prepared for this recovery phase will be milder in order to help the lochia discharge, wounds healing and contraction of uterus for faster recovery. This is achieve with the introduction of our first week menu.

Young Mother and Baby


Physical strengthening and nourishment. Milk boosting.

The next phase of confinement involves physical strengthening. A balanced nutrients and nourishment is important in helping mothers to regain her vitality and strong supply of milk for the young one.

Why 月子樂 YZL?

Why Yue Zi Le月子樂 ?

Specially Crafted First Week Menu

A speedy recovery is the priority for your first week of confinement, making way for wound and body recovery at home. To achieve a swift recovery after delivery, we have specially curated our first week menu. All possible packages start with this nutritious first week menu.

Why Yue Zi Le月子樂 ?

Improve & Boost Lactation

We see the value in breastfeeding – it offers your little ones sufficient nutrition and antibodies. To improve your milk supply and thus enhance your breastfeeding experience, we use vital ingredients in our meals.

Why Yue Zi Le月子樂 ?

International Cuisines,
Traditional Ingredients

Say goodbye to bland confinement food at home. As a modern catering business, we strive to maximise flavours and nutritional value in your confinement meals. Besides nutritious Chinese confinement food ingredients such as ginger and red dates, we also offer a fusion twist to your meals, to bring out the nutritious aspect of traditional confinement food with an international taste.

Why Yue Zi Le月子樂 ?

No Added Salt & MSG,
​Vegetarian Sauce Only,
No Dark Soya Sauce

Adhering to Chinese confinement practices, no salt or MSG is added during the preparation. This is done to allow you to recover in the fastest and most ideal possible way. No oyster sauce and dark soy sauce in our meal preparation. We only use vegetarian sauce to improve wound recovery speed.

Why Yue Zi Le月子樂 ?

Choice Of meat dish

We understand that every mummy have different needs and wants. Yue Zi Le gives mummy the choice to choosing dishes for their daily meals. This is only possible as we specially prepare every meal individually and with utmost care. Your may choose the choice of meat dish in our signature menu.

Why Yue Zi Le月子樂 ?

Postnatal Confinement / Recovery Focused

As one of Singapore’s few leading confinement-meal-only caterers, our specialisation allows us to tailor to your needs during your confinement period better. Leverage on the knowledge of our professional chefs, who carry many years of experience in the food and beverage industry, as we ease you into postnatal recovery.

Why Yue Zi Le月子樂 ?

Zero washing required

With strict respect to Chinese tradition of not contacting water during the important postnatal confinement period, all our meals are delivered in single use food ware for your hassle free experience. Rest assure that all our containers and food ware are food safe grade with strict guidelines from Singapore Food Agency (SFA). 

Why Yue Zi Le月子樂 ?

Commence First Meal
In 48 Hours

Start your first meal within 48 hours from reservation. Just place your reservation with us and we will handle the rest.

Young Couple Expecting

月子樂 Menu Highlights

31 Nourishing Soups
20 Rice Selection
59 Meat Options
42 Vegetable Dishes



Let us know if your precious one is having jaundice. We will reduce the herbs and ginger for your meal plan.



As default, no chicken and egg for your first week meal plan with us.

First Week


All our meals come with either YZL Signature Red Dates Tea Or Osmanthus Red Date Tea. Adding flavours to your meals.



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Want To Learn More On How We Prepare Our Signature YZL Red Dates Dang Shen Tea?
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