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Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering Testimonial

月子樂 Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering Testimonial

Testimonial From Our Clients

Jessy - 28 Days Lunch & Dinner Package

“As we did not engage a confinement nanny, having Yue Zi Le is a godsend. It really save us the hassle to plan for daily confinement meals. Furthermore the meals delivered are really tasty and nutritious. We really appreciate all the careful thoughts and consideration that goes into the preparation.

For my second pregnancy, I have also taken up the 28 days double meal package with Yue Zi Le. I really have confident take they will take good care of my confinement needs this time round.

Ang YS - 28 Days Lunch & Dinner Package

“Really like the variety of food that is being served. Not just delicious but also nutritious for my confinement. Totally love the chinese western fusion cuisine. Much better that my previous confinement nanny food.

Mich Lam - 28 Days Lunch & Dinner Package

“The confinement food is excellent. I have a wonderful confinement thanks to Yue Zi Le. The service and delivery staff are also friendly and helpful. I have no problem making special request for my meals.”

Janet Wang - 28 Days Lunch & Dinner Package

“The idea of allow us to choose what to have everyday is a very good and new idea for catering. The daily follow up by the catering team make me feel very confident with the food they serve. I will definitely recommend YZL to my peers. 

Jesscia Wong - 28 Days Lunch & Dinner Package

“Really please with the ingredients that goes into preparing the confinement meals. The portion is also really generous. Strongly recommend.”

John Chua SK - 28 Days Lunch & Dinner Package

“Yue Zi Le had done a really good job in providing my wife with all the meals post birth of our baby. Being first time parents, we are really lost and not know what to do when the little one arrived. Thanks for the delicious meals.”

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