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5 Natural Remedies and Tips to Reduce Postpartum Swelling

Postpartum is the state of a mother’s body after childbirth as it returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Mothers know all too well that there is so much more to that. This includes postpartum effects that may take a toll on their emotional, mental and physical health.

Postpartum swelling is one of those effects. It occurs when water weight from pregnancy builds up, remaining in the body long after the pregnancy has ended. The swelling can occur from the face to the feet, commonly occurring in the ankles and legs. Some researchers even suggest that a woman’s body can retain more than 6.6 pounds of fluid post-pregnancy. If you are experiencing swelling, we have compiled a list of natural remedies and tips to help you get through postpartum swelling for your comfort.

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is the universal remedy to flush out the toxins and waste in the body. We have all heard of this tip before, either while sick or wanting to achieve clear skin. It may seem ironic to drink more water when you already retain so much water weight. Still, drinking water can help balance and reduce your body’s water retention.

2. Do light exercises

Lightly exercising has proven helpful among new mothers as it helps the blood circulate and keep your water weight in check. However, listening to your body during this recovery period is essential, so avoid straining workouts, and exercise moderately. You can also consult your doctor to know what exercises are recommended for you.

3. Rest your feet

The most common area of the body that postpartum swelling affects is the feet. To reduce the swelling in the area, avoid standing for too long as the fluids naturally rush to your feet while standing. If standing is really necessary, ensure that you take frequent breaks to sit in between. Elevating your legs above the heart level from time to time, especially during sleep, can help improve circulation and balance out the water flow.

4. Stay Comfortable

Try wearing comfortable items, from loose-fitting clothes to compression socks and non-constricting shoes. During this period, tight-fitting clothes are not recommended and refrain from wearing flats; ideally, cushioned shoes are best to support the soles of your feet and, all in all, to promote blood circulation.

5. Eat the right foods

Most processed foods contain sodium or salt that may accelerate the swelling. Ensure that you keep your salt and sodium intake to a healthy amount to reduce water retention. Try eating potassium-rich foods and herbal teas as part of your postpartum diet. Caffeine induced drinks and products can also increase the risk of dehydration and should be avoided.


We acknowledge the hardships mothers go through, especially during the first few postpartum weeks. It can be challenging to care for your newborn and yourself equally. At Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering, we have organized confinement meal plans to promote the recovery and health of new mothers and their newborns. Call us at +65 8448 1177 today for Chinese confinement food delivery in Singapore to save you the time and effort in preparing your meals, allowing you to focus on yourself and your newborn.

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