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Nutritious Postnatal Food

Nutritious post natal food

Congratulations mama! You have just achieved the most wonderful thing ever- you gave birth to tiny little human. Now you’re settling into your new life with a newborn, and you’re starving. By this point your life probably looks like this”

Feed, burp, Feed, burp, Feed, burp, feed, rock, diaper, watch baby sleep, feed, burp, shower, diaper, feed, burp, rock, sleep??

Taking care of your own basic needs like eating proper nutritious food and taking care of a baby can be a bit of a challenge. The easiest thing to do is to reach for whatever is closest to you, like everyday items that are mostly present in the house, especially since you already have a nursing or a sleeping baby wrapped around you

Here is a list of nutritious foods every new mother should have after giving birth


Rich in fiber and protein, oatmeal will fill you up and keep you full. Oats also help with milk supply. The best part is oatmeal can be eaten cold or warmed up. Baking allows you to freeze portions for later


Seafood lovers rejoice. Salmon tops the list when it comes to being close to being the best food for new mothers. Salmon is loaded with DHA. DHA helps with the development of your baby’s nervous system and also plays a role in preventing postpartum depression.


Natures original sweet candy for new mums. Dates are packed with simple sugars that helps give mothers a quick boost of energy. Dates also boost milk supply, the combination of calories and carbs make them a respectable milk promoting choice.


Eggs are the perfect food, rich n protein and omega 3 fats that help sooth those muscles that contracted nonstop during the whole birthing process. Enjoy hard boiled eggs for a postpartum nosh or a simple plain omelette.


Easy to carry and full of nutrition. Oranges are great to give you the energy boost you need. Citrus fruits are excellent for nursing moms. Don’t have enough time to sit down for a snack with a crying baby? Sip on some orange juice to help you get the vitamin C you need.

Leafy greens

In search of non-dairy foods that are rich in calcium and vitamins? Leafy greens like broccoli, spinach and kale are loaded with vitamin A and C. Leafy greens are also filled with healthy antioxidants and are low in calories.


Chickpeas, tahini and olive oil are full of protein, fiber and healthy fats. For a light, easy and a yummy snack, smear some hummus on some crackers or whole grain bread.


Small but mighty! Nuts are scrumptious and full of super healthy fats that a new mother needs, so they make for a great snack. They are chock-full of minerals and vitamins like zinc, potassium, magnesium and vitamin E. Want to add a flavorful crunch to your yogurt or a quick smoothie? Add a handful of your favorite nuts on top.

All these foods are literally packed with the best possible healthy nutrients you could expect to help ease you in to eating like the super woman you are. <3

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