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Post Confinement Lactation Package Menu


Recovery from childbirth will definitely take time. Even if you feel like getting right back into our usual, our bodies may tell us otherwise. To make a speedier recovery, it’s important that you follow the post confinement plans as outlined by your doctor. Rest is another important aspect. Do any physical activity that your doctor or physical therapist recommends to recover faster. Lastly to evenmore assist in recovery, food that we eat during this period also plays a very curcial part. It not only promote healing but also can help fight several complications. Other than recovery, another important factor that most mummies worries about is lactation. Our post confinement lactation meal is also designed with boosting lactation in mind.  

With Traditional Chinese Medicine in mind, we crafted a meal plan that will improve your recovery process and lactation. With strict guidelines by out TCM practitioner, we have selected the most suitable ingredients to be part of your recovery journey.


Each meal is specially crafted to ensure that new mummy gets the best ingredient and nutrient from the food they eat during this important period of their life. Careful thoughts and feedback has been gathered from experienced mothers and nutritionist. The menu is not only pro lactation but also improve the healing process for mummy. 


We understand that every mummy have different needs and wants. Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering is the only confinement caterer that gives mummy the choice to choosing dishes for their daily meals. This is only possible as we specially prepare every meal individually and with utmost care. For every meal, mummy can make a choice in the meat dish that they prefer. Every meal is specifically designed to ensure new mummy have enough nutrients for speedy recovery and also pro lactation.


Each individual meal will consist of,


  1. 750ml Of  Premium Red Dates Dang Shen Tea Or Osmanthus Red Dates Tea

  2. 1 Specially Formulated Slow Cooked Traditional Soup

  3. 1 Carb Dish

  4. A choice of Meat Dish*

  5. 1 Vegetable Dish

  6. Dessert Soup (On selected days)


* Choose the preferred dishes from the daily options.


Menu may vary without prior notice due to unforeseen seasonal nature and market fluctuation on the ingredients.

Food Knolling

YZL Lactation Menu

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