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7 Days Lactation Soup Pack
Just $200 with any purchase of our meal packages
(Ala Carte Price: $300)

We understand the importance of breast feeding to every child. The WHO recommends continued breastfeeding for up to 2 years or longer. This is because breast milk is a great nourishment for your child and its nutritional composition changes according to your child’s needs. You can breastfeed your baby for as long as you both are comfortable and at the 4 to 6 month mark, your baby can start weaning and discovering new food textures.


In contrast to Western beliefs, the role of food and medicine in TCM overlap. 

When food alone provides insufficient nourishment, we will need to turn to herbal medicines and other treatments that have stronger effects to reverse imbalances.


TCM in food is classified according to its herbal properties rather than according to its nutritional components such as protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fats and other nutrient contents as seen in Western ideals.

Yue Zi Le Confinement have consulted professional traditional chinese medicine consultant to come up with this nourishing package to improve the overall wellness. This package is both a recovery and nourishment package.  


All in all, all you have to do is to show your body some love as it works hard to keep you healthy. Health should be the most important thing on your mind at this point, perhaps it is not as commonly discussed topic, but your body would definitely thank you for maintaining your overall health.


Storage Instruction:

Refrigeration of uncooked soup and drink packs recommended. Pack upon your order. Recommended to consume 1 month from receiving.


Cooking instructions for our soups

Step 1: 

Rinse the herbs under running water. 


Step 2: 

Add 300g of protein (Chicken or Pork) to the rinsed herbs with 800ml of water. Add more water if using conventional cooker or if desired.


Step 3: 

Conventional Cooker:

Bring the water to a boil and simmer under low heat for 1.5 hours.

Pressure Cooker:

Cook the soup in the pressure cooker for 30 minutes using “Soup” mode. 


Step 4:

Ready to serve. Serve warm for best effectiveness.

Cooking instructions for our YZL Signature Red Dates Dang Sheng Tea:

Step 1: 

Rinse the herbs under running water. 


Step 2: 

Add 2000ml of water to the rinsed herbs. Add more water if desired.


Step 3: 

Bring the water to a boil and simmer in low heat for 1 hour.


Step 4:

Ready to serve. Keep the remaining is thermal flash for later use.



Please Note:


This package is crafted for general usage based on recommendation from TCM professionals. Please stop consuming if you feel unwell. Do consult a doctor if you require further medical attention.

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