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A Guide For New Mums: 3 Unhealthy Practices To Avoid

Being a new mum can be both exciting and overwhelming. The exciting part is where every mum looks forward to bringing a little angel into the world. However, a given is that life after childbirth will significantly change. These changes can be overwhelming, from your body to your mental health, especially for first-time mothers.

As a result, you may subconsciously engage in unhealthy activities out of pressure and stress. But fret not; this article will guide you on the common harmful practices to avoid as a new mother.

Extreme dieting

Pregnancy will likely result in you gaining a few pounds, and maybe after childbirth, your body will be different. Perhaps you want to immediately lose those pounds and return to your pre-pregnancy body, resorting to extreme dieting and counting calories. While dieting and monitoring our food intake is good, when done excessively, it causes significant harm to your body and only slows down your recovery. Sure, you may see immediate changes with this regimental diet. Still, it is at the expense of lack of nutrients, and indirectly, the health of your newborn.

The diet and health of your newborn are directly dependent on your health, especially if you are exclusively breastfeeding. Having insufficient nutrients post-childbirth may result in additional unnecessary health complications. Plus, you lose an ample amount of energy in the process, which affects how you physically care for yourself and your newborn.

It is not easy to adjust to a new normal and a new body. However, childbirth is equally traumatic for the body as well. Therefore, be kind to your body and thank it for taking care of you and your newborn child these past nine months by supplementing it with the proper nutrients. With adequate time, a healthy lifestyle and a good confinement meal diet, you will be able to lose those extra pounds when you are ready, physically and mentally.

Intensive workout

Exercising is beneficial for everyone of all ages, even for new mums like yourself. It helps relieve stress, reduce emotional tension and promote a healthier and more active physique. However, just like everything else, it is vital to note that exercising in moderation is essential after childbirth. The body of a mother post-childbirth is exceptionally fragile, and working out intensely too soon after delivery can be damaging.

Understand that your body is still in a state of healing and recovery, and extreme workouts can disrupt that process. If you are not cautious with your exercises, infection, increased bleeding and slowed tissue healing can occur — which you do not want. So, should you be exercising, seek advice from a medical professional to know what routines are suitable for you, and ease into them gradually.

Neglecting self-care

As a new mother, wanting only the best for your baby is understandable. However, new mums like yourself might have unrealistic expectations and feel terrible about falling short of what you believe is required of you, which can ultimately lead to self-doubt and lower self-esteem. This mindset will create a 'domino effect' of neglecting your own needs to focus on your newborn.

However, it is essential for you to take a step back and see that your health and wellbeing is just as equally important as your baby and that you are doing the best you can within your capacities. Not to mention, the best versions of ourselves look different every day.

Learn how to strike a balance between caring for yourself and your newborn. Note that there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself from time to time. Just as the saying goes, "a happy mother is a happy child," you essentially have to be the best version of yourself for your little one.


As a new mum, pat yourself on the back for not only carrying your newborn for nine months but also taking care of yourself, your family and finally, your newborn. Beyond pregnancy alone, motherhood requires a good amount of effort, strength, and, ultimately, love to bring life into the world. So, remember to also take care of your health and wellbeing, and do not hesitate to ask for help from those around you.

At Yue Zi Le Confinement Catering, the recovery and wellbeing of our fellow mothers and their newborns are our top priority. Our varied confinement food catering in Singapore is delicious and packed with the necessary nutrients, guaranteed to speed up your recovery. Call our friendly staff today to enquire!

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